Welcome to the Careo website

CAREO, as the European Sales Organization is your “unique contact point” for all Cascades & Reno De Medici cartonboard products.The combination of all CAREO's brands makes us the 2nd largest manufacturer in Europe with more than 1,1 Million tons of capacity. We have 7 mills and 3 sheeting & distribution centers.

When setting-up this website, we wanted each visitor to feel comfortable and understand who we are, what our capabilities are, and how we can serve as best as possible our direct clients as well as our end-customers. 

CAREO's competitive values rely upon product quality and efficiency with a tailor-made and flexible service. The resultant environmental benefits have been an integral part of our philosophy for decades.

CAREO is a well-known brand, not only for its strong position in the cartonboard market sector, but also for the differentiation of its employees in converting a business relationship into a long term partnership, for mutual success.

Your feed-back to help us improve our website will be highly appreciated, as it has been designed and structured for you.

Please enjoy your visit and do not hesitate to contact directly CAREO for your current and new projects.



Careo and Reno de Medici Arnsberg are proud to receive PROCARTON & ECMA Carton Award 2014 in the category „Volume Markets“. ECMA stands for European Carton Makers Association.  >> more